IENE 2016 conference news – June 2016

We are now almost two months away from this unique event!
You are very numerous to have registered so far and we are delighted of the deep interest that you all show about the IENE 2016 conference! Many news and suprises are still to come so don’t miss our rich conference news for this month of June!


An updated version of the conference programme is now online on our website.

From now on, we encourage you to download available abstracts to look a bit further into the subjects our researchers and practionners will approach during the IENE 2016 conference and have a look at our programme to start thinking about your IENE schedule during these 3 days conference!


Please have a look below at the definitive schedule of the Plenary sessions:

Plenary 1:
Subject: The evolution of Road Ecology reflected through 20 years development of the Infra Eco Network, Europe (IENE)
Plenary speaker: Anders Sjölund

Plenary 2:
Subject: Bern and Landscape conventions: crossed points of view
Plenary speakers: Maguelonne Dejeant-Pons  and Iva Obretenova

Plenary 3:
Subject: Traffic verges and biological diversity: Realized possibilities, realities and prospects
Plenary speaker: Heinrich Reck

Plenary 4:
Subject: Interaction and adjustment: essential concepts in biodiversity evolution processes for landscapes fragmented by infrastructure
Plenary speaker: Yves Luginbühl

Plenary 5:
Subject: Limiting the environmental impacts of the tropical infrastructure tsunami
Plenary speaker: William F.Laurance

Plenary 6:
Subject: Implementation of Green Infrastructure in the EU
Plenary speaker: Jos Jonkhof


The Worshop and Side-Event sessions are organised in parallel with talk sessions. It is the oppotunity for you to exchange and interact on the subjects below:

KDE+  A method for identification of animal– vehicle– collision hotspots
Policy and Strategic planning: infrastructure bundling
Side Event – renaturation under High voltage line
Side Event – Tree Avenues Awards 2016
Wildlife detectors to reduce animal-vehicle collisions: sharing experience
Towards global guidelines for infrastructure development – a project proposal
How to implement ecological restoration in civil engineering sector? The power of participation
Interactions between linear Infrastructure and territories: A new European handbook!
A French policy of ecological network : the Green and Blue Infrastructure (la Trame verte et bleue)
Wildlife and Railway workshop



IENE honours this year in France african researchers and practitioners in their work on road ecology. With the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, IENE 2016 will finance the journey for about 10 african researchers so that they can share with international colleagues inspiring projects occuring in their developping countries.


Do not forget to take advantage of our network to network yourself!
You can now be part of the IENE 2016 community!

Join our private FACEBOOK GROUP (IENE 2016 international conference) and discuss together between IENE 2016 participants.
This is the opportunity to organise private physical meetings with inspiring people during the conference in Lyon but also to discuss about more practical information such as tips for travel companies, hotels or even the best restaurants in Lyon!

Of course, you can also follow us on Twitter: @IENE2016 to be updated on the last news about the conference.

If you want to organise a physical meeting in Lyon, it is possible! Indeed, a Networking area will be organised for you to do so from Wednesday, August 31st until Friday morning, September 2nd. You may please indicate us the number of persons you want to meet with, and the time you need at We will organise it with you!


Please be aware of the registrations deadlines according to the registrant category you belong to:

–    Authors/Programme Committee member : You must register as authors before July, 15th. Registrations at preferential fees are now closed.
–    Normal : You can register until July 15th for the “normal” fees. After this date, the registrations will change to the category “Late”.
–    Late : If you are a standard participant and want to register after July 15th, you need to register as “Late”. The deadline is August 23rd.
–    For any other registrations differing from the ones mentionned above, the deadline is August, 23rd.

To register, click here.


Every field trips are now fully booked except the field trip n°5 to which you can still register for free by sending an email to Justine Guiny (

Field trips details:

Field trip 1 to Switzerland (closed):


First meeting point : Metro/tram station Vaulx en velin La soie in Lyon
If you are already in Lyon and encounter difficulties to join the Geneva meeting point directly in the morning, a departure of the bus is now also organised from LYON.
Meeting time : 6:45 am
Departure time : 7:15 am.

Second meeting point : GENEVA airport
Meeting time : 9:30 am
Departure time : 10:00 am.
The bus will be waiting for you at the bus station right in front of the airport at the same level of the “Arrivals” floor. Main public transports lines go there. Plus, taxis easily reach the airport bus station as well.
If you have luggage with you, you can perfectly store it in the bus’s boot for the duration of the field trip until the return in Lyon.

Maps and transport instructions will be provided to you a few weeks before your arrival for both meeting points.

Field trips 234 (closed):

Meeting point for each of the three field trips at Hotel de la Métropole. Address: 20 rue du lac, 3rd arrondissement. (Bus park right in front of a playground in front of Hotel de la Métropole).
Meeting time : 7:30 am
Departure time at 8:00 am.

Maps and transport instructions will be provided to you a few weeks before your arrival.

NEW Field trip 5 – Banks of Saône river (Still open):

A Field trip welcoming maximum 20 persons maximum is organised by Lyon Metropole on Tuesday, 30th, 2016. (For more information: LINK TO FIELD TRIPS)
It will help your discover a remarkable development project as part of the “green and blue infrastructures” French policy,  reconnecting the banks of the Saône river with the city of Lyon through several experimentations.
Meeting point : Pavillon des rives de Saône : at the corner of quai Saint-Antoine – Pont maréchal Juin (Maréchal Juin Bridge), 69002 Lyon.
Meeting time : 2pm
This field trip is FREE but you need to register by sending an email to Justine Guiny ( with a request to participate to it.

Maps and transport instructions will be provided to you a few weeks before your arrival.


We are delighted to welcome 8 EXHIBITORS coming especially for the IENE 2016 conference.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to interact with :

NEAVIA, GREGE, Animex Fencing & Mitigation Solutions, MAIBACH, TERROIKO, CILB and BIOTOPE


The IENE 2016 adventure continues!

Even after the conference, stay in the loop of IENE’s news through our website and social media pages: A surprise is waiting for you!

More information to come in July!

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