IENE 2016 international conference

Dear all, we are glad to inform you that we have enriched the IENE 2016 website with several pieces of information:

  • The “programme at a glance” and the “detailled draft schedule” are now available.

  • We have listed every workshops, Side Events and their chairmen. Please discover them. Further informations will be available soon.

  • Besides, we have added for each field trip the departure and arrival locations, the Swiss tour (Tour 1) being an exception: departure location is Geneva Airport and not Lyon.

  • Since May 1st, registrations are at Normal price (300€ without field trip and conference dinner) except for authors and Committee Programme members who can still register for a special price until June 15th, 2016.
    Answers on recurrent questions about registrations have been added to help you more efficiently during your registration. You will also find the key questions and answers on the registration website.

  • Great news! You can now be part of the IENE 2016 community!
    Join our private FACEBOOK GROUP (IENE 2016 international conference) and discuss together between IENE 2016 participants.
    This is the opportunity to organise private meetings with inspiring people during the conference in Lyon but also to discuss about more practical information such as tips for travel companies, hotels or even the best restaurants in Lyon! Spread the word!
    You can also follow us on Twitter: @IENE2016 to be updated on the last news about the conference.

  • How can I organise a meeting with my partners?
    If you want to organise a physical meeting in Lyon, it is possible! Indeed, a Networking area will be organised for you to do so from Wednesday, August 31st until Friday morning, September 2nd.
    You may please indicate us the number of persons you want to meet with and the time you need at, we will organise it with you!

Enjoy your stay in Lyon!

Yannick Autret

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